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What Treatment Resources Are Available?

If you have been impacted by an opioid use disorder, it is important to know that you are not alone, and that help is available. Your primary care doctor can provide information about local resources that can assist you, and your community health department can offer guidance as well.

People in the New England area may wish to ask their health care professional about attending a residential program at the Green Mountain Treatment Center or the New Freedom Academy. These facilities offer a holistic approach to recovery from opioid use disorders, and they are considered in-network for most major health insurance plans.

Green Mountain Treatment Center

Located in Effingham, New Hampshire, the Green Mountain Treatment Center is a secluded retreat that provides medical detox facilities and 24-hour medical monitoring as needed. Clinicians at the center are all trained in addiction medicine. During treatment at Green Mountain, patients follow a 12-step curriculum that is integrated with individual and group psychotherapy sessions.

Green Mountain patients can receive cognitive behavioral therapydialectical behavior therapy, and trauma therapy, and each therapy session is tailored to their specific needs. They are also provided with holistic therapy options, including exercise, yoga, and meditation. Gender-separate programs and accommodations are offered, and meals are prepared by a chef.

New Freedom Academy

New Freedom Academy is a 20-bed treatment center that is located on 17 acres of woodland in Canterbury, New Hampshire. This facility specializes in medication-assisted treatment of opioid use disorders, and clinicians are available at all times of the day and night. During their stay at New Freedom Academy, patients have one-on-one therapy sessions, and they can receive treatment for any co-occurring mental conditions that may be present.

New Freedom Academy residents also participate in process groups and motivational interviewing. To help heal the mind and body, residents are encouraged to take part in yogameditation, and exercise at the center. These activities help reduce stress and increase endorphins.

Patients at New Freedom are also given access to family recovery workshops to help them strengthen their relationships with their loved ones. These workshops take place each week at an off-site location. As with the Green Mountain Treatment Center, residents at New Freedom Academy are provided with gender-separate living accommodations, and nutritious meals are prepared by a chef.

With help and support, patients and families can recover from opioid use disorders and live in a healthy, positive way.

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