Welcome to the Board Members for The Cainegel Connection Foundation. 
Jenell & Bill Hilderbrand (Founders) - Business Owners and RN in the valley 23+ years, Volunteer for KDNK, CARE, and more.
Luana & George Olson (Grandparents)- RN, Grafic Artist & Bus Driver for Yampa HS
Beth Wysong (Former Teacher and Friend)- Director of AZYEP/Teacher/Business Professional
Kiara Christianson (Friend)- Financial Literacy, Social Services, Special Olympics Volunteer

Tennis Committee Members:
Erin Zalinski- Former Owner of Treads & Toad & Co.
Alex Brager- Owner of Sir Speedy Printing, Friend, and Mom
Heidi Rovig- Owner of Sanctuary Salon and Friend
Sasha Enwold- Owner of Fitness Gym and Friend
Keely Eberly- Friend, Grandparent
Stacey Adams- Office Manager for Adams Orthopedics' and Friend

Yard Sale Committee Members:
Susie Demers- Professional at VVH and Friend
Kate Liebinger- Office Manager w/Plumbing Company and Friend

  Jenell started with the vision of the Cainegel Connection Foundation after her beloved son Caine Albrecht-Hilderbrand passed away June 20, 2018, from a drug overdose. Caine's nickname to some friends was "Cainegel" so after he got his wings and went to the heavens Jenell thought it was fitting to put a name on the vision to help others by providing resources to those in need. Jenell felt there was a lack of resources for her when trying to find Caine the help he needed with his addiction to Heroin. After countless phone calls to rehab facilities, it was not financially reasonable for the family to afford treatment as an inpatient. Caine was utilizing the local outpatient resources in our community to help him with sobriety. His "good" friends rallied around him, we were working with his doctor, counseling, psychiatrist, and meditation/mindfulness center to help him with his sobriety. The doctor gave him medication to sleep, medication for nausea, and his psychiatrist gave him an antidepressant. The one thing I learned is that a young man in his 20's was not really taking his medications routinely as prescribed and also gave him side effects that was contributing to him "not taking the meds routinely". When I drove Caine to Mind Springs for mental health assistance- it was first come first serve first thing in the morning. I drove him 3 days in a row at 730am to be turned away because there were many others waiting in line as well. On the 4th attempt, we got him in. He went weekly to counseling and I remember Caine telling me one day- Mom, the counselor is not really helping me. He went to some mid-day meetings for mental hygiene and came home with handouts and journaling. He mostly complained of stomach pain and complained he could not sleep well. Caine did get employment at the local hospital in sterile processing and was so proud of this job. He was going to take the certification text so he could get a raise and maybe even grow to something in surgery with more education. He had hopes and dreams of pursuing a career and being part of something greater than himself. It gave him pride. It was several months later than he relapsed, lost his job and a few days later he died of an overdose- basically the toxicology report read it was all Fentanyl- no heroin, a small trace of cocaine, and small trace of Benzo's. I know in my heart that Caine was not looking to die, he was looking to get high. He carried shame with his addiction, he was depressed, he was in over his head with this, and I was very inexperienced with this sort of thing, I had no idea what we were dealing with. 

 Which leads me to this foundation. In honor of Caine, I would like to grow and learn how I can best get those resources out there for others in need. There are more and more resources out there and often times those resources go unknown unless you are in a crisis. I hope to grow this foundation so emergency rooms, hospitals, medical clinics, schools, and counseling resources will have our website on hand to share with those in need. Just because I work as a nurse, does not mean I am an expert on this, or anything else for that matter. I am determined to show others experiencing a loss to an overdose, that you can be the change that you want to see in the community, in the nation, and in the world. One small step at a time. Pictures and bio's will be coming soon on the other Board Members!

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