Tennis for Awareness fundraiser

this tournament was a success. thabks to the donations from Robyn, Erin and John, and Sue. the rest of the donations and raffles were provided by the Cainegel Connection Foundation. thabks to all of you who participated and came down to support the cause. we met the goal to raise enough money for the scholarship fund for 2021. i appreciate all the partipants for playing your hearts out. 1st place to Jenell and Kiara. second place to Amy and Joely, and third place to Stacey and Jean.

Fundraising 2020

Yard sale fundraiser coming up 10/3 Saturday only...all proceeds eill go towards the foundation goals for 2021, which includes a scholarship fund. fundraising for #strongerthanaddiction which happened 9/26 and cainegel donated towards this important cause.please take time to look over this organization and donate if you can. 10/10/20 is a tennis for awareness one day tournament for womens doubles and all proceeds will go towards the goals for 2021, which include a scholarship fund. another plan before the end of 2020 is to put together my board and build a team to help plan future events in the community.

Peer Recovery Coach- Mind Springs Health- RFV and VV areas.

 Hi there, my name is Maggie Seldeen and I am a Peer Recovery Coach for Mind 

Springs Health, serving the Roaring Fork and Vail Valley areas. My primary 
job is connecting opioid users with suboxone programs, but ultimately, my 
goal is to connect substance users with appropriate treatment and services 
that meet them where they are. With that said, I wanted to introduce myself 
as the primary contact for substance abuse resources in the valley and I 
hope that Cainegels can be a resource for me and my team as well! Thank you 
for all you do!

Thank you Maggie for all you do from the Caingel Connection Foundation and community.



My husband and I created this teepee in the woods so we would have a place to go to spend time with Caine, to grieve, and to meditate. We planted a tree in his honor and you will find us there in all seasons, at random times, but this place is also for all of the community to come and find some peace as well. There is nothing like the energy of the trees, the sounds of nature, and the stillness of time.

Thank you Firefighters


Donations to Firefighters

 Because of out amazing community. On behalf of Cainegel Connection Foundation and Internal Medicine at VVH...

We unloaded 3 cars full of donated items. It brought tears to not only myself but to the firefighters who accepted our donations from friends, family, co-workers, businesses in our amazing community....

Thank you for paying it forward through our foundation to help our firefighters during this time of crissis.

We could not have done this without you!!!

Thank you for your donations of goods and donations of cash... The cash is going towards more goods needed and helping those displaced by the fire.

Grizzly Fire Donations

 Thank you to those who donated!!

Cainegel Connection Foundation has been taking donations to go towards the firefighters working on the Grizzly Creek fire.We are so thankful for these men and women working tirelessly to keep our community safe.  We are overwhelmed by the generosity of our community. Dr. Corey Johnson Dental Office, VVH GI, VVH Ortho, VVH Internal Medicine, Treads, many friends, families, and neighbors came together to pitch in so the firefighters had supplies while out in the field.

Thank you to all those who donated! We delivered 3 full cars of supplies thanks to friends, family, and businesses in our valley! 


Tips for Parents and Teens

Tennis for Awareness fundraiser

this tournament was a success. thabks to the donations from Robyn, Erin and John, and Sue. the rest of the donations and raffles were prov...