2nd Annual Tennis for Awareness Tennis Tournament

10/5 Saturday Mixed Doubles and Sunday 10/6 Women's Doubles.

Email jenxtremeski@gmail.com to sign up.

$35 per person per day.

Open to all levels.

Prized for top 3 and prizes Saturday for best combined outfits. Prizes for Sunday top three and best socks.

Crown park El Jebel.

Donations and proceeds to towards Cainegel Connection 501c3.

If you want to volunteer or just donate there will be a jar at the event for cash donations.
Donate some cash to get this 501c3 for the Cainegel foundation. Venmo to Jenell Hildebrand or cash to Jenell to go towards the legal costs of a non profit.

Recipient of the Cainegel snowboard lessons.

     Grace's first day learning to snowboard. Sponsorship by the Cainegel foundation. What a beautiful day!

The First Recipient for the Winter Scholarship

The first recipient to receive the Cainegel winter scholarship award. Grace, in photos alongside her mom Charity. Grace is about to turn 9. Charity, her mom, was in the coast guard for 10 years. Let's give thanks to Charity for her service and let's cheer on Grace for her adventurous spirit as she will learn to snowboard  this winter at Sunlight Ski Area. The first step is the let it shine program at Sunlight Mountain. The program is 3 sessions of 2 hour lessons, equipment, and lift tickets.  When that portion is completed Grace will attend a 4 week follow up program of all day lessons.  Grace is an amazing young girl who is being raised by a single mother.  We are proud to have Grace lead the way through Caine's  name...more to come.

Christmas 2018

It's the first Xmas since Caine passed. I dreaded the commercialism and routines of the holidays. Things just don't seem as important anymore.  I asked my parents and my brother Greg to ski with me on Xmas day. We gathered on the eve for dinner and conversation, and then skiied all day as a family. I shot some video for keepsakes. We enjoyed lunch with laughter and conversation. That was what I was ready for with holiday grief. It might not have been what my parents wanted or what my brother wanted, but it was what I needed. Grief brought tears from past memories of Caine. Grief brought moments of silence to honor the memories of my child. Grief also brought my friends close during this time. We honored Caine at the winter solstice candle lighting ceremony and the national candle lighting as well. We gathered with friends and family. It was healing. The greatest gifts in 2018 with this foundation was sponsoring 2 kids for the Aperature of Hope program and sponsoring a kid to learn to snowboard. Caine loved skiing and we loved skiing as a family with Caine. We hope to carry that tradition on in his honor as long as we can. Peace in 2019. Thank you to those that donated to the Cainegel foundation.


http://www.ifyougiveakidacamera.com/ is a program we will continue to support for kids dealing with grief. If you or a loved one is affected by addiction reach out and be involved. It's how change will take place.
Today is Thanksgiving 2018. It is the first Thanksgiving without my son alive in human form. I am finding strength through loved ones such as family, friends, and my husband.  I miss my son.  I am thankful to have had theboppthe oppo to be a mom and especially to Caine. He taught me so much about life. I am thankful for the wonderful family and amazing friends I have, that support me in good and bad times. I am thabkfth to have a job that allows me to care for others, yet recieve love and care in return.  I am thankful to have opportunity in my life. Today is a day to reflect and honor my son and spend with loved ones.

Tips for Parents and Teens

2nd Annual Tennis for Awareness Tennis Tournament

10/5 Saturday Mixed Doubles and Sunday 10/6 Women's Doubles. Email jenxtremeski@gmail.com to sign up. $35 per person per day. Open...