Mixed Doubles 10/1 Bracket


Brain Garden w/ Blake


This episode of Brain Garden spotlighted Blake, who was my son Caine's best friend growing up. Blake talks about "coming out". Blake is such an intelligent, kind, passionate young man who is such an important voice for others in our community.

Take a listen on the link above or check it out and other episodes of Brain Garden on Spotify or Google.

Braingarden Podcast w/ Dylan

 This month the spotlight goes to Dylan Mangurian- who took the time to open up and talk about addiction and losing one of his best friends to an overdose. 


Tennis for Awareness Tournament 9/30 & 10/1


Tennis racket and ball on white background

Tennis for Awareness Tournament

9/30 – Women’s Doubles- open

10/1- Mixed Doubles- open

Crown Park

Check in 30 minutes before your scheduled match. Brackets will be released a few days prior to the tournament.


Saturday 9/30 Women’s Doubles- Burgers and drinks will be available for a donation and bring a side dish to share. If you are interested in participating reach out to Jenell at jenxtremeski@gmail.com for your sign-up sheet for you and your partner. There will be a prize for the best team outfit per theme and cash prizes for the top 4 teams. THEME: US OPEN MATCHING

There will be a band playing this day so bring some cash to tip the band! There will be drinks and food provided for a tip. Cainegel takes Venmo, cash, or checks.


Sunday 10/1 Mixed Doubles- Pot luck- bring finger foods and drinks to share! There will be a prize for the best themed team outfits and cash prizes for the top 4 teams. If you are interested in participating, please reach out to Jenell at jenxtremeski@gmail.com for your sign-up sheet for you and your partner.

Pot Luck- bring a finger food to share and drinks will be provided for a donation (Venmo, cash, or check)


All proceeds go towards the Cainegel Scholarship Program!


The rain out plan is to move the tournament to the following weekend- so keep your schedules open in case.




Spotlight Brain Garden Guest Ben Heim



Ben and I had an amazing conversation about anxiety and also learning disabilities including dyslexia. He has struggled for years and has found some good tools to help him as he grows into adulthood. Ben is determined and dedicated to not only self-help, but to being available to others. I really enjoyed our conversation and I also know he will do amazing things through his life.

Brain Garden Spotlight


This Month Jimmy Elsen is our spotlight guest on Brain Garden. Jimmy talks about his moms Alzheimer's disease and how kayaking and meditation help him work through his challenges with that. Listen in my conversation with Jimmy and if you like what you hear, each month on kdnk.org, the 4th Wednesday of every month at 4pm, you can stream live to listen to our students and young adults talk about challenges they are overcoming. You can also find us on Spotify and Google.


"We Remember Their Love When They Can No Longer Remember"

- Unknown

Tips for Parents and Teens

Mixed Doubles 10/1 Bracket