Come up with a code word between a parent or friend and yourself. If you find yourself in a situation you need out of....that code word can prevent any situation from worsening. Simply text or call a parent or friend the code...and come up with a plan of action.

Example; your at a party with some friends. You are offered alcohol or drugs. You feel uncomfortable and don't want to use drugs. You feel pressured... Text the code....such as..bad hair your mom...she calls your phone and with the plan you two have come up with....such as I will come and pick you up...or a friend will come pick you up....     Instead you putting pressure bon you to say no....your parent can be the buffer...I have to go because Dad needs the car for work...or mom is sick and needs me to come home to watch the siblings...or I have to work in the morning..someone called off sick or something like that to get you out of the situation without causing stress between friends.

Code words are great solutions to pressure or situations.

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  1. Every parent and child need some code words and tips for situations that may arise in teen years.


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