Who is Cainegel?

Caine Albrecht (also known as Cainegel) was born in 1993 to Jenell Hilderbrand. Caine was raised in Glenwood Springs by Jenell & Bill (his adoptive father). He attended Valley View Hospital daycare  until elementary school at Sopris Elementary, and then on to Glenwood wood Springs Middle School...and finish out at Glenwood Springs High School. Caine played soccer, baseball, skied competitively for Sunlight Ski Team, and Aspen Valley Ski Club. He also loved rock climbing, camping, kayaking, mountain biking, and spending time on the river rafting and camping.

As a young adult in sports. Injury was part of Caine's life too. Opoids we're prescribed post surgery and that lead to heroine use. He reached out to us 2 years prior to his death with anxiety. He started counseling, taking anti depressants, and participating in mindfulness programs. He was doing very well with sobriety utilizing local resources and living with family. In the winter,  he fell skiing and fractured his spine...and we started all over again. He struggled and again, he reached sobriety with counseling, medication, and recovery groups.

Caine died from a drug overdose on 6/20/2018. The drug he purchased was not heroin, It was in fact Fentanyl, Morphine, Cocaine, and Benzo's.

I didn't have much help or resources given to me from ER visits or local counseling groups. I felt alone as a parent and really needed some help with making calls and asking questions.

The goal of this website is to connect the resources in the valley with the people that need them. The other goal of this website is to share knowledge. There is no shame in addiction and parents love their children, so lets tool up as a community to help each other out!

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