Student Spotlight

 Sequoyah Recio is in the spotlight this month! 

Listen to our podcast from 4/27/22:

Sequoyah is a recipient of a scholarship through Cainegels Connection and pursuing a career in helping others. She has struggled with social anxiety through most of her childhood. Sequoyah is breaking out of this cycle by seeking help from professionals and counseling through Mountain Family Health services. She loves being a Stage Manager with high school productions, she loves climbing at CMC and the Rec Center in GWS with friends, and she loves her friends and family! Sequoyah works hard in her studies at school and also has a job. Sequoyah has some great tips on "grounding" if you are feeling anxiety, which include noticing 10 items in the room, noticing 2 items of touch or feel, noticing 2 smells or sounds. She is able to recognize when anxiety kicks in and is able to retreat, regroup, and carry on. She has such strength and is so easy to talk with.  I am honored to have a "conversation" with Sequoyah on my new public affairs show "Brain Garden"

, which will air 4/27 (Wednesday) at 4pm on KDNK.ORG- you can stream live and if you miss the show, its ok, it is also a podcast and is available through KDNK and AZYEP (also known as the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program).

Spotlight Resource: Mountain Family Health! Thank you for providing counseling and professional services through your organization!

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