Water is Life

http://www.tolanilake.org/ is an amazing organization that  helps provide water storage and access to those in n need. Check out the website and we are always open to more donations toward the cause.

Cainegel Connection Foundation donated $1,500.00 today in honor of Caine Albrecht, who passed away 6/20/2018 of a drug overdose. Caine was with us on the San Juan river 2 weeks before he passed away so we thought it would be fitting to pay it forward and help those communities on the reservation have better access to water. The Navajo Nation had been hit very  hard by COVID,  and many do not have running water or plumbing. Cainegel Connection Foundation wanted to pay it forward by helping people on the reservation to get better access to water. We Could not do this without all the donations from family, friends, and the tennis community! Thank you!

I look forward to seeing some positive things in a very challenging time of life.


Jenell Hilderbrand 
Cainegel Connection Foundation Founder

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