Yard Sale Extravaganza FundraiserCom

This event was a success. I was able to clean out some much needed areas of my home, let go of my sons sons hold things from his passing, and allow others to clean their homes as well. Your contributions will be going towards #ifyougiveakidacamera program. All leftover goods went to donations. The Bicycle project in Carbondale at the third Street center, defiance thrift store, and the library.

 11/2. Saturday

 What time? 8-2

Where? 3904 Mountain Drive in Glenwood park. Glenwood Springs.

What is it? A yard sale fundraiser

What is the cause? Cainegel Foundation-connecting the person to the resource.

We have bikes, ski stuff, tools, golf stuff, clothes, house stuff and more.

Come support the cause and shop...or just donate some money to the cause.

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