Christmas 2018

It's the first Xmas since Caine passed. I dreaded the commercialism and routines of the holidays. Things just don't seem as important anymore.  I asked my parents and my brother Greg to ski with me on Xmas day. We gathered on the eve for dinner and conversation, and then skiied all day as a family. I shot some video for keepsakes. We enjoyed lunch with laughter and conversation. That was what I was ready for with holiday grief. It might not have been what my parents wanted or what my brother wanted, but it was what I needed. Grief brought tears from past memories of Caine. Grief brought moments of silence to honor the memories of my child. Grief also brought my friends close during this time. We honored Caine at the winter solstice candle lighting ceremony and the national candle lighting as well. We gathered with friends and family. It was healing. The greatest gifts in 2018 with this foundation was sponsoring 2 kids for the Aperature of Hope program and sponsoring a kid to learn to snowboard. Caine loved skiing and we loved skiing as a family with Caine. We hope to carry that tradition on in his honor as long as we can. Peace in 2019. Thank you to those that donated to the Cainegel foundation.

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